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Now celebrity perfumes are usually not my thing. I don’t know what it is about them but I find it very rare if there’s one I like. Obviously, there are a couple of classics from when I was younger such as J-Lo ‘Glow’ and ‘live’ and the odd nice one from ol’ Christina Aguilera. However, not long ago I realised that I’m using my favourite perfumes on a daily basis. So this means that they’re being rinsed so quickly on things like work, and popping into town. (I told you I can’t leave the house without wearing perfume) So I decided that what I really need is a nice day time smell, one that I don’t mind using every day. I had a little look on (formerly This website is my fave when it comes to fragrance and beauty. It’s just so much cheaper than department stores and drug stores etc. Usually I would go and smell some perfumes in town or wherever I am, and then go online to buy it. But this time I had no idea what I wanted, I was going in blind. Such a risk!! I done a little bit of research on Google and it seemed as though Rihanna’s perfume ‘Rogue’ had some pretty good reviews. So was offering this for £21.50 for EDP 125ml. I also went with Beyonce’s newest one Rise; purely because I couldn’t resist- And Queen B can do no wrong in my eyes! And Rise was £14.95 for EDP 100ml. Is this normal? I know this website is cheap, but seriously? So I thought I would give them a go, hesitantly may I add… They arrived really quickly like always and I was a bit sceptical of why they cost so little for such large bottles. But how surprised was I? Buying perfume that I have never smelt before is always a huge no-no., but I was pleasantly surprised. Rihanna’s Rogue has become a popular daily choice for me; it’s really light but kind of a mix between floral and spicy, and not to mention I have 125ml of it. I haven’t worn Rise as much as it’s a little bit heavier, but it is lovely and it reminds me of a much more expensive sort of smell. So all in all, glad I took the risk, and my dilemma has been solved!

P.S- I have come to terms with how hard it is to photograph perfume bottles 🙁

Definitely check out

And you can purchase these two perfumes here:

Rihanna ‘Rogue’

Beyoncé ‘Rise’


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