The Fashion Retail Academy


I recently attended The Fashion Retail Academy in London for a short course on Fashion Buying And Merchandising. This was a 5 day intensive course, and was something I had been thinking about doing for such a long time. I studied fashion at college and since then I have known it’s definitely the industry I want to be in, and I am especially interested in buying. So I felt this course would be beneficial for me, trying to get a foot in the door as I’ve realised how hard the fashion industry is to get into. I loved it here, the tutors were great and I honestly learnt so much in these 5 days. My brain was frazzled by the end! But it really gave me such an insight to this area of work and it made me want to push myself so much more! The Fashion Retail Academy have lots of different courses and subjects to study, and you can even go back to do higher levels of courses that you have already done there.

Check out the FRA website here:


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