Teatoxing for Summer!

It has recently dawned upon me how quickly summer is approaching us. I’m going on holiday at the end of June and I am by no means ready to be in a bikini. Ever since I came back from Thailand I have had 0 self control when it comes to food, and if I’m honest- the gym has been a myth. My mum keeps reminding me of how I’m paying for a membership for the gym, yet am literally never there. But then I have to remind her of how extremely busy I am. So I couldn’t possibly squeeze going to the gym into my tight schedule..
So last week, I decided to stop lying to myself. I convinced my sister to join the gym with me, just because it’s so much more do-able with a partner. I was kind of expecting her to say no when I asked her, so was rather stunned when she accepted willingly without me having to bribe her. We went along to spinning on Tuesday.. it was tough lol. I used to go every week and never used to find it that much of a struggle, so hopefully the first one back is the hardest.
Anyway, I had seen so many people on social media doing a Teatox, so I had a little browse online and decided to treat myself to the SkinnyMint 28 Day Ultimate Teatox.
I have always been a tea lover, ever since I was really young. Each morning I start my day with a nice milky cup of tea, followed by many more milky cups of tea at work, so I think it’s going to be quite hard to break the habit of having those in the morning, but fingers crossed it’ll be one of those things I’ll just get used to.
So with the 28 Day Ultimate Teatox, you get two packets of tea bags- one for the morning boost and one for the night time cleanse. So you only have to have one of each a day.  The morning boost is to help give you energy throughout the day, and to minimise your appetite (which is exactly what I need with working in an office) and contains green tea, yerba mate and guarana. The night cleanse is to help reduce bloating and naturally purify the body! On the Skinnymint website, there are other choices to buy, so you can get a 14 day starter pack or just the morning or just the night if that’s all you want! I’ve never done anything like this before but it seems to have really good reviews, so I’m going to give it a go which I am quite looking forward to! 🙂


Buy your Skinnymint Teatox through the link below! The 28 Day Ultimate Teatox is £32.90 with free postage.



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