Pick Your Own

The sun was shining on Saturday, so we decided to make the most of it! Me and Tom started off the day with a spot of lunch at one of our all time Summer places ‘The Raven’. It’s got a lovely little garden so we can sit outside while we eat. We had also arranged to go to Grove Farm ‘Pick Your Own’ with my sister and her boyfriend, as we went last year and thought it was a really cute day out, and we also brought my little sister along.

For some reason it was so busy! But we eventually got in and enjoyed the sunshine. It’s literally a farm where you can go to to get most types of fresh fruits and vegetables which are a reasonable price, and it’s actually a fun little activity to do when the weather is nice.

So if it’s a beautiful day and you’re bored and want to do something on a budget, i’d recommend it! Plus, you get some delicious fresh strawberries and raspberries (obviously depending on whether they are in season) haha 🙂








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