This post is over due, but time seems to be going by so quickly over the last few weeks! Ever since I can remember, me and my family have been going away in the summer. When I say family, it’s not just me, mum, dad and my two sisters.. It’s also my Nan, Grandad and my cousin alongside. However this year is my Nephew’s first Summer. So added to the bunch was my boyfriend Tom, my sisters boyfriend Rory and (of course) my lovely little Nephew, Ellis. So there was a whole clan of us, and it was so nice to get us all together.

We went to Zakynthos (Zante)- Greece, and stayed in Argassi. Now I know this sounds a little strange, as Zante doesn’t exactly sound like the most popular location for families. I can also imagine when I say this, people have images of my Nan, Grandad and 4 month old Ellis raving it up on the strip, with glow sticks around their necks and balloons attached to the pushchair. However, I can assure you- that this was not the case.

Argassi is in fact, a family friendly resort and we have been there a few times now. Zante is actually where my mum and dad got married 7 years ago, and it is definitely my favourite out of the Greek Islands we have been to!

I think we all wanted this holiday to be as relaxing as possible, so we didn’t really plan anything. This was the boys’ first time in Zante so we had to take them to Shipwreck Island. It’s quite unbelievable when you see it, it’s literally a shipwreck which has been washed up on the beach but it doesn’t seem real!

So it was a really lovely week, with beautiful scenery and the weather was hot hot hot!

Here are a few pics, I know it’s a really long line of photos, but if I’m honest I couldn’t quite figure out how to do it otherwise!


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  1. Liz
    July 13, 2015 / 05:38

    Love the write up and the photos. Looks lovely. Makes you feel like you want to go

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