High Vaultage


When I put this on my Christmas list, I never thought that my boyfriend Tom would actually be able to get his hands on it. I first caught wind that NYX was releasing a lip vault with 36 soft matte lip creams a few months ago, and I was sooo ready for that release date. But when the date came around- I had my debit card at hand-but then realised that this wasn’t available to buy in the UK. **sobs**

However, it turns out that a couple of months later, Selfridges was selling it as a limited edition Christmas special, and Tom managed to buy it for me as one of my Christmas gifts!

For the first week or so after Christmas, I didn’t even want to take any of them out of the box as they looked so pretty and neat. Is that sad? Most probably. So I purchased a new lipstick holder especially for them, which now fills my heart every time I glance at it.

Dramatics aside.. How gorgeous are they? I had a couple of NYX’s soft matte lip creams before this, so I knew that I loved the formula. As the name says- they really are soft and creamy on lips, with a gorgeous amount of pigment.

What I also love about this formula, is the amount of time it lasts on the lips. And it doesn’t go dry or crusty like some other matte lip colours tend to do.

Unfortunately I don’t think they do this any more in Selfridges, but I just neeeeded to express my love for them. I may also follow this up with a post full of swatches, as you can still buy these colours individually. So stay tuned!

B xx


  1. January 10, 2017 / 23:26

    Ahh they look gorge!! Im jels, i want it xx

  2. Liz
    January 11, 2017 / 08:39

    How do you decide what colour to wear? They look amazing in the stand but like yoiu would want o look at it not use them.

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