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As I mentioned in my previous (very brief) life update post, I am now trained as a nano ring hair extension technician. It’s all very exciting, as my hair extensions are something I am completely in love with, and extremely passionate about. I work from home, as well as being mobile- covering Bedfordshire and surrounding areas, so I find myself travelling around a lot which is new to me!

What I’m about to say is going to sounds very dramatic.. but I do honestly feel like my hair hair extensions have changed my life slightly. It sounds bold but I’m so happy with them and love finally being able to wear my hair in all sorts of hairstyles again, just like I could before years of colouring etc had sadly damaged my real hair over the years 🙁

I was debating for a long time whether or not to get my hair done, as it seemed like a lot of money at the time. But honestly it was just the best investment I’ve made in terms of what it has done for my confidence.

It’s been just over a year and half with my hair and I’ve had a new set put in during this time. So the quality really is amazing and as long as you look after it then it will last a long time.

I work around my 9-5, so I go out in the evenings and on my free weekends, so it’s safe to say it’s keeping me busy!

If you fancy having a chat about La Bella Hair extensions or have any questions, drop me an email – I’d love to hear from you, our consultations are free 🙂

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