Blogmas #10 Let it snow!

What better view to wake up to on the 10th day of blogmas than this? In the UK we are forever moaning that we don’t get enough real snow, so as you can imagine every snapchat story and Facebook post was filled with everyone’s gardens covered with it (including me, of course).

The first day of snow is really the only day I enjoy it. It’s that moment of when you step outside and it has such a peaceful silence in the air and it’s like everything just stops. That’s my favourite part. After that, my not so favourite part is when it just turns into slushy brown sleet, followed by thick ice and you actually have to go somewhere by car and the roads are pandemonium. However when it looks as beautiful and as untouched as this, it’s hard not to love.

What was even better, is that we woke up to this on a Sunday morning. So everyone (who doesn’t work weekends) was able to enjoy it how they wish. I just love that feeling of being cosy inside and looking out onto the freshly laid white blanket over the streets.

Now it definitely feels like Christmas is coming!


B xx


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  1. December 11, 2017 / 22:01

    Loved this post B! I wanted to do one about the snow but didn’t know how to word it, you always write your posts so well! Loving your blogmas xx

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