Blogmas #12- He’s behind you!

Going to the pantomime at Christmas is an annual tradition for my family. When it’s time for panto, this is when I know it’s really Christmas. We always go to the Milton Keynes theatre as it’s not far from us to get to, and this year it was Cinderella. It never gets old for me! This year was a bit more special for us as it was my nephew’s first one! He is 2 and he absolutely loved it.

We have a bit of a routine when it comes to the day itself. We pick my little sister up from school and then go straight off to MK. We then take a stroll around the centre to have a look at all of the Christmas decorations and lights. This is followed by dinner at TGI Fridays (Jack Daniels Sesame Chicken Strips are what I live for) and then we head off to the theatre next door, once we wake from our food coma- please see below! I also had some mozzarella sticks but they didn’t make it to the photo…

Even if going to the Theatre isn’t normally your thing, I think you should definitely go along to a pantomime one year, you’re almost guaranteed to have a great time, as well as it getting you into the Christmas spirit!

Love love love it!


P.S- My camera is still in the ‘camera hospital’ as they are trying to work out what has happened to it. So unfortunately, none of the photos in Blogmas are not quite the quality I had hoped for 🙁


B xx

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