Blogmas #13 So Sassy in Sequins

I’m a firm believer of being as jazzy as possible every day of the year… I mean around the Christmas period. You can NEVER have be too sparkly for my liking. Every year it gets to the week before my works Christmas party and I’m stressing as I haven’t found a dress that I like. Everyone has experienced not needing an outfit and seeing everything that you really love, and then really needing an outfit and finding nothing whatsoever that you want to buy. That’s usually me. However this year was slightly different for me. This dress had caught my eye a few times when scrolling through Boohoo, even a few weeks before the party- it was always in stock in my size… But I never bought it, as I felt as though I wasn’t actively looking- and that I would find something better. The party drew closer and closer and I kept coming across this dress, and then I thought I might as well just buy it and see what it’s like on and decide from there.  Was it available in my size? Of course not.

So I left it, and adopted a really laissez faire attitude and a few day passed. Then Boohoo mailed me regarding another offer they were bringing out so I decided to have a look and the dress was back in stock so I though I should definitely buy it. Anyway I got it, tried it on and actually loved it. I was actually quite impressed with myself for not stressing and spending hours and hours scrolling through the same dresses.

So yeah, this is what I wore to my work’s Christmas party (which was at Willow’s Farm in ST. Albans) Whitbread always through pretty amazing parties so I had such a good time as always!


B xx

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