Blogmas #2 – Vera Wang Princess Night

As I mayyyyy have mentioned once or twice, perfume is my thing. I can’t leave the house without wearing it. Now I am aware that this is not a new fragrance, however I had this about 5 years ago but unfortunately it had come to an end a while ago after using it all up. It wasn’t until I was packing all my belongings up getting ready to move out, when I came across it again (it must have had about 2 sprays left but I couldn’t bare to part with it as the bottle is so pretty) So I thought I’d pop this on my birthday list as you can get it for such a reasonable price now! I was so pleased when I received it from Tom’s parents- 100ml as well!.

I can’ t believe I had almost forgotten about this little gem. If the packaging wasn’t enough, it smells divine. It’s really sweet with vanilla notes, and lasts a long time on me! I’m soo happy that I now have an even bigger and fresh bottle of this, and I think this makes for a gorgeous gift 🙂



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  1. December 2, 2017 / 19:00

    I need to try a new perfume! This sounds beautiful ❤️😍

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