Blogmas #22 10 Things I love about Christmas

Between September and December is my favourite time of the year for sure! Obvs my birthday is in October and then it’s Halloween, followed by the run up to Christmas. Here are some of the reasons why the lead up to Christmas is my absolute favourite!

– Finally an excuse to eat everything in sight (it’s ok to carry a little extra weight at this time of year, as we like to be warm don’t we…)

– Everyone is exceptionally happy and full of festive cheer! I love it when people adopt the F*CK IT attitude and become wreckless.

-Bringing me into my next point of having ‘oh well it is Christmas I guess’ as an excuse. For pretty much EVERYTHING.

– Jazzzzy clothes, sequins , glitter and all that good stuff.

– Christmas films! Aka The Grinch and The Nightmare before Christmas. These are not just My favourite Christmas films, but two of my all time favourite films-  Christmas or not.

-Christmas decorations… love the house looking so festive with little lights and candles. The bestttt.

– Cosy nights in. I love the dark nights and snuggling up.

-Christmas markets- cute little shops, little fairy lights and crepes! What more could you want?

– Shopping. Shopping. And more shopping. Always a great reason to be browsing the web…

-Last of all but certainly not least, is being able to spend lots time with my favourite people over the Christmas period is literally the best thing!

B xx

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