Blogmas #3 Thorpe Forest Cabin

Last weekend, the girls and I had a long weekend at Thorpe Forest which is in Norfolk. We went late afternoon on the Friday and came back on Monday morning. We didn’t do much there except from eat, drink prosecco, prune in the hotub, and snuggle up in the duvet watching films. Sounds like heaven right?

We were so impressed with the cabin! It looked quite small from the outside but it was deceivingly really spacious inside. The floor was heated all throughout, and there were ample bathrooms and a lovely big living space.

It was so beautiful and refreshing to wake up to this view!

There were 7 of us in total – Yes 7 girls in the middle of nowhere.. in a cabin in the woods… I’m aware that this sounds like something out of a horror film. But we were perfectly safe! I don’t think any of us knew how much we needed a relaxing break until we were there. We had the best time as we could just relax and do exactly what we liked. Luckily, there was a Tesco about 10 minutes away from our cabin, so we done a huge shop for all the things we would need for the weekend. (a.k.a alcohol and food).

If you want to hear something funny, then I’ll tell you that we thought this was going to be enough alcohol for the entire weekend…

Turns out we were wrong. Who would have thought 7 girls could pretty much polish off all of this on the FIRST night. It’s safe to say we all got a bit excited.

The first night and day consisted of constant hot tubbing accompanied by beverages and then duvets and games. We played lots of board games which was really fun. I do love a board game.We did actually manage to get out and go for a walk (wasn’t my idea) and I have to say that I actually ended up enjoying the scenery and fresh air.

I think this is the perfect way to spend a long weekend if you want a short break just to sit back and relax. Especially before the Christmas pandemonium begins. The wintery views made it all the more cosy once we were wrapped up inside the cabin. I think this is the epitome of a UK winter Christmassy break, and I would definitely recommend it! Between us all, it worked out at a really reasonable price too.

Thorpe Forest <-Click here to check out the website we booked through!


B xx

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