Blogmas #7 Channelling my Inner Pat Butcher

When I first tried these on and showed Tom, his face was priceless. In fact I think he even asked me if I was joking. Tassel earrings are everywhere right now, and I think they may just be one of those trends that some people are either going to love- or they’re going to hate. I used to wear earrings all the time, like every day I would make a conscious effort to change it up with a different pair to match my outfit. But now I almost have to re pierce my ear every time I wear earrings, as that is how little I wear them. (Is that too much information?) I am soo loving the tassel trend now though! It’s like we have stepped back in time to the 80s. I feel as though I have re kindled my love for fashion jewellery and that it adds that little something extra to an outfit. Especially around this time of year, I think we all just need to be as jazzy as we can be if I’m honest.

Shop them below by clicking on the website names!


Not only are these giving off all of the tassel vibes.. they’re sparkly toooo!

Because one pair just wouldn’t be enough..


B xx


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