My best moments of 2017

2017 has been such an amazing year for me, so much has happened and my life is so different compared to how it was in 2016. Looking back on 2017 I’m feeling extremely fortunate to have had such a great year, so I thought it would be nice to include my highlights of the year in a blog post. I think this has been one of my best years yet!

I have already written posts about some of the things I have mentioned, so I have linked each of them in case you would like to read about it in more depth.



This was the start of a new found friendship with my girls from work. We all got together to celebrate a birthday, and from then on our group’s friendship continued to blossom! I have a lot to owe this night as it really brought us closer and brought me some of my closest friends.


I also went to see Harry Potter and The Cursed Child- As a Harry Potter fangirl this was so amazingggg!



I celebrated 4 years with my love! Gaucho’s is one of my fave places to go for a gorgeous steak.



Two words- SRI LANKA. I still look back at the photos every now and again, and find it hard to believe we experienced such an incredible holiday. This is without a doubt one of the most amazing places I have ever been to, and we had some of the best experiences.


Travel Diaries- Sri Lanka


Me and Tom stayed over at Whittlebury Hall after a spa day.. blisss.



We got the Keys! I still find it so exciting that me and Tom have bought our first home together. I will always remember the day we picked up our keys, and the amazing feeling that it gave us. This really was a milestone for us. The day we got the keys was actually May 4th, so it’s hard to forget that date #maythefourthbewithyou.



My gorgeous nephew Indi was born. Nephew number 2, and another apple of my eye!


LaBella! I started a new career path along side my 9-5, which is something that I had never anticipated. If you had told me in 2016 that next year I would be a ┬ámobile hair extension technician – I would never in a million years have believed you.

La Bella Hair Extensions



House refurb was well underway! We worked on it pretty much every evening after work, and it is safe to say that B&Q became our second home. This uncovered a new me, I learnt so much when we were refurbishing our home. Every day was a school day during this time!



WE MOVED IN! We were fortunate enough to both be living with our parents while we were doing up the house, so we didn’t have to move in until it was complete. We are still so proud of our home and thankful for the people who helped (My Nan and Grandad helped tremendous amounts. Teamed with our builder they were the A team)


SW4 was also this month. I had such an amazing time with the girls, despite me ending up on crutches..



I went to Centre Parcs in Woburn with Tom and his family. Although I was ill the entire time (typical) it was still lovely to get away for a few days.


THE WHITBREAD SUMMER PARTY- This was honestly one of the funniest nights I have had at a work do. It was held in Liverpool and was actually a pretty incredible event, with Clean Bandit and Fatboy slim performing. Deffo a night to remember.




Tom surprised me with a trip to Crazy Bear which is somewhere I had wanted to go for ages!



My sister surprised me with Breakfast at the Luton Hoo, which was just divine!


We also had our Halloween Houseparty. What a night!



My Nan and Grandad actually share the same birthday on the 9th November, but as this year my Nan turned 75 so we threw her a surprise birthday party. It was a lovely evening and she really couldn’t believe it when everyone was there to celebrate with her.


The cabin in the woods! This was such a great weekend away with the girls, we had the best time.

Blogmas #3 Thorpe Forest Cabin



Two Christmas parties, panto, days out, Christmas day! December for me, is a highlight in itself- and you can check out what I got up to in my Blogmas posts ­čÖé


I feel all nostalgic looking back on the year that I have had, and feel so grateful to have made so many memories with my loved ones! Thanks for reading, and I hope you have all had a great year.

I’m looking forward to what new adventures 2018 brings!


Love, B xx



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  1. Liz
    January 1, 2018 / 10:04

    What an amazing year you have had. Hope 2018 brings lots more lovely memories x

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