As a child of the 90’s (Big up ’92) obviously when I heard of this brunch it sounded like the epitome of what I look for in a night out. Prosecco, cocktails, some food and FABOULOUS music surrounded by great company. We rounded up the gang, bought ourselves some tickets which were about £48 I think. When we booked the tickets, the venue was actually a secret- until a few days before the event when they email you to reveal where the brunch will be held, which I think is pretty cool. The venue was Proud Cabaret and off we went to London with our space buns and high hopes for some spice girl bangers.

The brunch was 12-5, and the first hour was unlimited cocktails… winner. So from 12-1 we consumed many a rum punch. We had our own little table which was by the stage. And we pretty much drank prosecco and boogied until 5pm. We were in our ELEMENT! We’re talking B*Witched, S Club, Spice Girls, FIVE, TLC. I mean…

During the brunch, they had a transfer tattoo stand, a lady applying glitter to everyone, rubber rings and inflatables, a hula hoop performer.. and last but not least- the lip sync battle. Yes, you read it.

It must have been at the peak of our drunken states that we chose our lip sync song and signed up to perform. It wasn’t until a few hours later when our names were called out did we realise what we had done. I’m still laughing when I think about it now. Giant inflatable microphones and three of us on stage lip syncing to TLC- No Scrubs (obvs). It’s safe to say we actually thought we were TLC. The rest of the girls were our biggest fans in the audience, and one of them came up and joined us on stage midway.


Sadly most of the day that I captured were either boomerangs or videos which I can’t upload on here! But if you loved the 90’s- you MUST attend the 90’s Brunch!

B xx

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