Ey lurrve Eylure



I have been slacking so badly on the blog front as of late! This is mainly due to me battling a chest infection which I felt would be stuck with me forever! Nevertheless I’m back up and running. So this little delivery made me rather happy the other day. I do feel that fabulous eyelashes (real or fake) make such a difference to your makeup, and these are a couple of my favourite Eylure lashes. Whilst I was browsing on the Eylure website, I came across this little brow kit. I usually use a Rimmel brow pencil for my eyebrows, and have done for about 6 years. So when I saw this I thought I would purchase it and try something new. It comes with a wax, a powder and a little highlighter and is available in three different shades, which are blonde, mid brown and dark brown. I got the mid brown one, I haven’t been able to try it out yet but we shall see how well it works 🙂


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