Luscious lashes

Before I went to Thailand, I had been umming and erring whether or not to get lash extensions. I never wear makeup in the daytime on holiday, but I just thought that they would be perfect for when I was in bangkok and on the beach for when I still wanted to look at least a little bit presentable, as obviously with the extreme heat and humidity it was no use even thinking about wearing makeup. So at first it sounded like a great idea, but then what put me off was that a lot of people I spoke with, had gone through bad experiences with theirs. If there’s any decision like this that I need to make, I end up becoming obsessed and turning into a research freak! I was looking on the internet for places to get them done and weighing up the pros and cons. I had heard mostly that you can’t get them wet, they don’t last long, they rip all of your real lashes out. One of my friends gets hers done all the time and they look so lovely, so I spoke with her about it, and she told me where she gets hers done and how much they cost. She said she has never had any problems with hers and they last well. I was sold.

So I got them done by the lovely Keyleigh, who does them from home (in Luton). She explained to me that if you look after the lash extensions and don’t pick them or pull them, they will obviously last longer and it’s not a crime to get them wet. They fall out naturally, so they just fall when your real lash drops, so it’s not ripping them out at all. There’s different thicknesses of lashes that Keyleigh does, and she advised me to go for the thinner ones, as I was going away for two weeks so there’s more of a chance that they will last longer. I think they took just under two hours to apply, and it is just sooooo relaxing. Instantly I loved them and they lasted all throughout my holiday- I went in the sea , under water in the pool, got them wet in the shower, and not to mention they survived in the general humidity of Thailand itself! Honestly, I was really surprised how well they had lasted! It was such a good decision, and she charges £37.50 for a full set which is a great price for how precise she is. Usually salons and beauty bars will charge a lot more.

Even though I had the thinner lashes, the still look really full. So I had them done a couple of days before I went away, and didn’t get an infill until about 4 and a half weeks after! I mean, of course they didn’t look as neat as they did when I first got them done, but it’s usually recommended to get them infilled every 2-3 weeks, and they were pretty much all there still and looked nice. But once they were infilled again, they looked as good as new. Infills cost me £17, so not much at all!

I did tell myself that I was only getting them done for holiday and that I wouldn’t get addicted… However I’ve just had them infilled for the second time. Oopsie…

I just can’t explain how much easier they are! They make getting ready in the morning soooo much quicker, and you don’t have to worry about bad mascara days and not to mention taking makeup off at night- removing mascara was the worst! I just love them! Extremely happy with my decision!


Here is a link to Keyleigh’s Facebook page for her work:


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