Now I know some people reading this are probably going to be rolling their eyes, because I know I’m a bit late on this and people have probably been using Polyvore for years. How have I only just discovered it? It’s a little bit addictive! But I’m currently loving it and I’m a little bit sad that I have gone this long without it 🙁 What I enjoy the most, is the fact that it reflects your current thoughts and moods and it’s another place to show off some creativity, by putting together different sets. I also think this is a great way to play around with both fashion and beauty, and it’s ideal for inspiration. I’m thoroughly enjoying this app, but my God do I end up browsing on it all the time. I also end up falling in love with so many items that are completely out of reach/ budget! But I guess we can daydream, can’t we?!

Here’s a few of my little brainstorms…


image image image image




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