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I was shopping in Westfield recently and just before we left, I remembered that I wanted to pop into Boots to quickly pick up an everyday foundation.

Tom walked in with me, and when we spied the NYX counter he looked at me told me he would wait outside. He was very aware of what was about to go down.

Almost 30 minutes later, and very flustered from battling my way through an abundance of girls- I made it out. And here is the.. ahem.. foundation that I bought…


Mineral Stick Foundation- £10.50

This is the first stick foundation I’ve ever tried. When I grabbed it in store I wasn’t even sure if this would be anywhere near my skin tone, but when there are about 5 girls all trying to grab the same thing and testing it out- there isn’t much room nor time to be picky.

I literally couldn’t believe how well this matched my skin! I always envisioned stick foundations to drag across the skin once you start applying them, which is what I think has put me off thus far. But this formuala is really creamy and literally glided across my face. It’s a light coverage, which is really nice for those days at work where you really can’t be bothered to make much of an effort, but still need a little something. Although what I love even more is that the coverage can also be build-able. So I’m really happy with this one!


Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade- £5.50

A brow pomade! Now I am a solid eyebrow pencil user. That’s all I have ever really opted for. Call me old fashioned but it’s just what works for me! But in an obvious whim, I picked this up. I feel as though I’m going to start experimenting with brow products a little bit more.. and branch out.


Pro Brush 18- Dual Brow- £8.50

So of course I had to pick up an eyebrow brush/spoolie to go with it! I like the fact that it’s double sided, as it’s really handy to not have to switch tools halfway through doing your brows. However this isn’t so great for storage purposes, as I feel that one end is going to get damaged from standing up. So I keep it lying down in one of my drawers, which really isn’t that much of a problem.


High Definition Blush- Taupe -£5.50

Now I’ve heard a lot of good things about this blush being a great contour colour, so I’ve had my eye on it for a while. I love this. It gives a really gorgeous, natural  and cool toned contour colour, which is also extremely pigmented. I like to wear this under a bronzer, to give depth to my cheekbones.


Pro Brush 05 Contour- £11

I also bought a little contour brush to go with it! When I first used this on my face- it didn’t feel as soft as I had anticipated which a bit disappointing, as it means a little more work to blend. But it does get right under the cheek bones, and is a great shape and size for contouring.


Gotcha Covered Concealer- £5.50

Ok so this is without a doubt the thickest liquid concealer I own. A little goes a verrrry long way! You only need to use a teeny tiny amount, or it can look a bit cakey. But that’s fine with me, as it means that this will last me a while! A great coverage concealer, that is still creamy and easy to blend considering how thick it is. It contains coconut oil which I like, and that also makes it nice and hydrating.


Highlight & Contour Pro Singles- Sienna- £3.25

This little single colour is nice and pigmented (although nowhere near as pigmented as the taupe blush). I love the simple packaging, as I think it’s really handy for travelling. This particular shade is matte light brown with pink undertones, so it’s not as cool toned as I had hoped for, but it’s still a beautiful colour which sits nicely on the skin.


High Definition Foundation-£12.50

For some reason, I did expect this to have slightly more coverage and pigment than it does. I do really like it, but I have found that I never really reach for it since I bought it- which means I don’t necessarily love it as much as other foundations I own. Nonetheless it still gives a gorgeous finish that I am happy with!


Wonder Pencil- £4

The wonderpencil! What a handy little thing! I’m really glad I picked this up. I like to use it on my brow bone, to cover little blemishes on my face, as well as a nude eyeline for those times where a white eyeliner is too stark! A really simple yet versatile product.


So as you can see, just popping in and buying one foundation didn’t happen. But I’m very pleased with all my new purchases 🙂

B xx


  1. Liz
    February 7, 2017 / 09:07

    These products are much cheaper that I thought they would be
    Great Blog

  2. brogan
    February 11, 2017 / 18:52

    Thank you! They are such great value for money, and I find that they are sometimes the same quality as the luxury brands! xx

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