Must be Mustard

Ohhh how I love Autumn. Everything about it. I think I must go into my Autumn spiel every year but honestly it’s just my faaaavourite time of year. People think I’m odd but I love the dark nights, I love Halloween, my birthday is in Autumn, I love seeing the leaves turn golden and red, I love being cosy, I love other people moaning that it’s cold (not just me for a change) but what I love most of all, is the Autumn/Winter clothing. Chunky knits and boots come at me!

I went on a bit of a mad one in Primark the other day to stock up on my Autmnal wardrobe. Seriously was so impressed when I walked in. It was one of those unintentional mental shopping sprees that was NOT supposed to happen. I was actually wedding dress shopping for my sister, when we decided to ‘pop’ into Primark. I think the excitement of the day just got the better of me.

One of my favourite purchases was this beautiful little mustard bag! Can you believe this is from Primark? I adore mustard as well as bit of velvet, so this to me is just a perfect combination- especially with he quilted detail which gives it that ‘oh so Chanel’ vibe.

B xx




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