Blogmas #24 Christmas Eve

The 24th December is not only a special day for our family because it is Christmas Eve, but as it is also my mum’s birthday. I can’t believe Christmas is tomorrow! The morning was spent at my mum and dads house, to give my mum her presents etc, and then me and Tom spent the rest of the day snuggled on the sofa with a Mcdonalds and watching a film (the Grinch- of course). In the evening every year, we go to our local pub to celebrate. My whole family then stay at my Nan and Grandads, so that we all wake up on Christmas day together.

These shoes are actually a few years old but I seriously love them, and maybe should wear them more often!

Culottes- Missguided

Top- Primark

Shoes- Primark

B xx

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