Afternoon Tea at Sketch- Pink Perfection

Over the weekend myself and a couple of the girls headed over to London for some afternoon tea at Sketch. This is a place I’ve always wanted to visit, as what I’ve seen online has looked amazing. I was really excited, but also slightly apprehensive as to whether it would be worth the steep bill or not.

First impressions.. we walked into the building and it honestly smelled divine which I didn’t expect and nor was it something I was particularly looking out for. We were then welcomed into by far the pinkest room I’ve ever seen. As soon as I walked in I fell in love, it’s just like the pictures- if not better.. After we were seated, we were given a little explanation about what to expect by the lovely lady who was serving us. She was very attentive and really sweet. We were given time to browse the menu to choose what tea to have. There were so many options but we went for the black vanilla which was delicious, and it came in the cutest of teapots and teacups.

Next up was Mr Caviar. This man was dressed in a white suit with a matching top hat, and his role was literally to serve the caviar. Seeing as I don’t eat fish or seafood, and the thought of caviar makes me shiver slightly- I opted for the vegetarian caviar which was made from cauliflower (bizarre). Wasn’t such a fan of this odd texture…

The next round was a mixture of sweet and savoury which was just delightful. Anything on this course as well as the tea was refillable, so if there was anything you especially liked, you could order some more. We were beginning to get full at this point as the next course which was scones was being bought out. What I loved abut this- was that they asked beforehand whether we wanted currants in our scones or not which is amazing as I hate currants in mine. Whenever my nan makes scones she makes a small batch without currants which is just the cutest. With our scones we also ordered some pink bubbly. (when in Rome).

The final course was mentioned by the waitress and we all looked at each other in panic. The waiter could clearly see we were defeated so gave us these adorable little bags to take the Victoria sponge home in!

Now let’s talk about these toilets! They were the coolest I’ve seen. Each cubicle was an individual egg! So of course we had to get a photo.. or two…

I am soooo glad we went and that I can tick this off my list! It’s pricey but I definitely thought it was worth it.

B xx


  1. Holly
    May 20, 2018 / 23:13

    I’ve always wanted to go here but been put off by the price too! I will defo have to visit one day!

    • brogan
      May 21, 2018 / 15:48

      Yeah I can see how that will put people off, it is a lot of money for an afternoon tea. I did love it though, so I’m glad I went as I thought the experience was worth the money 🙂 Thanks for readind <3 xx

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