My sister’s Hen Do

I can’t believe how fast time is going! It’s literally only 2 weeks now until my sister’s wedding and I cannot wait. For the hen do, we stayed in a house in Brighton for the weekend. The weather was amazing and we had such a great time. We got the train down to Brighton around 11:30, had some bevvies on the way, and then made our way to a bar by the beach. The sun was shining and the drinks were flowing, and we made our way back to the house. We had the music on and played some drinking games etc, and then round about half 10 we made our way out to some bars locally.

In total I think there were 13 of us, including my Nan and little sister Elsie. They had planned to come just for one night and then go home on the Saturday afternoon so that they still go to experience the hen do, as Elsie is only 11 so  it was really lovely that her and Nan could still take part.

I prepared little personalised goodie bags for all of the girls! They included a mini bottle of wine, sash, hen do props such as masks, little photo props and the infamous willy straws/ willy whistles (classic) and I made little survival pouches to go in them which included plasters, hairbands and paracetamol.

We got up on the Saturday morning and got ready while my mum and nan made a fry up for everyone. We headed to the pier and strolled around for a few hours and went on a ride with Elsie. We had a table booked already at a bar on the pier so we made our way there and the rest of the hen party had travelled up today so they came to join us. We sat for a few hours enjoying some food, sunshine and great company.

At this point my nan and Elsie were due to head home but all the trains were messed up and it would have been quite difficult to get back, so they stayed the extra night which made us all really happy!

We got back to the house and everyone got into their black outfits (the beautiful bride wore white) and headed to the restaurant which was a short taxi ride away. The restaurant we booked was called Casa Brazil, where they bring every type of meat you could imagine to your table, and carve it for you. Honestly, this is the kind of restaurant I need more of in my life. Non- stop food being delivered to you without having to move, accompanied by insane cocktails? UHH YES PLEASE.

From the restaurant, we then went to the PRYZM which was the club that we had a table booked at while nan and Elsie went back to the house. We had a such a good night where the music was great and we had bottles and bottles of prosecco being bought to us by our waiter!

The next morning was a bit hazy and we packed up and made our way back home. I felt so sad that it was over so quickly but on the other hand it just means that we are one step closer to the wedding. I’ve linked the house that we stayed in, below 😊


B xx

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