Date of Travel: October 13th-16th

Flight time (from London Stansted) : 1 hr 55 

Currency: Czech Crowns 

Average Temperature: 23c 

Time Difference: 1 hour ahead of UK 

Prague has been on the list for places I wanted to visit, so I was superrr excited when myself and 2 of my girls booked to go!  

We decided to book for October, mainly due to this being a weekend where we were all free. October is also my birthday month, so it seemed like another opportunity to celebrate. You know a girl’s birthday is celebrated over a whole month right? 

When we booked, we were anticipating cold weather for Prague, and envisioned big coats and chunky knits. However, this was absolutely not the case. The weather was PERFECT, we had the beaut sights of golden leaves at the same time as it being really sunny and warm. Daily averages were around 23c which we were not expecting! Not sure if this is normal for the time of year but we felt extremely fortunate for the weather we had. 

We flew out on a Saturday around midday, the flight was so quick we literally only had time for one little prosecco and then we were on the descend! We then grabbed an Uber from the airport to the hotel, which was about 20 mins.  

The city itself is divided into 10 districts which are all named by numbers from 1-10. The city is so easy to get around as they have trams everywhere, but if I’m honest we always got Uber’s to wherever we went as between the 3 of us it was fairly reasonable.  

Hotel Don Giovanni

When we arrived we were quite amazed at how lovely our hotel was, especially for the price that we paid which was about £100pp for 3 nights! We were pretty central too, so we were really impressed.  

By the time we arrived at the hotel, it was late afternoon/ early evening. We took a stroll across the road to a little (dusty) corner shop which I have to say was rather limited in the alcohol department. However we’re not too fussy so we grabbed a couple of bottles of prosecco and beers to take back to the room. We chilled for a bit, before getting ready and heading out for some dinner.  

We pretty much went to Prague with no real plan of how our days/ nights were going to go and just see where each day takes us- with the exception of  a couple of must- do things on our lists. We found this tiny little restaurant that we would never have discovered without Tripadvisor (one of my most treasured apps to date). We arrived to a somewhat busy little place where we had to wait outside for a seat before there was a space for us. But we were still able to order our food and drinks and then we were moved in shortly after. The food was SO SO tasty, and with generous portions! I had chicken strips which are undoubtedly the biggest chicken strips I have ever had. They were also covered in cornflakes which was odd, nonetheless it worked! We all had about 3 drinks each alongside our dinner, and the bill came to a whopping total of … £30. Yes, TOTAL- £10 each for a damn good meal.

The Street Burgers and Cocktail Bar Prague 1

We then took a stroll to a bar close by, which had some really unique cocktails and was a really cool little bar.  

Hemingway Bar- ft. the strongest cocktail known to man…

This was the moment where I discovered that Campari is the devil. If you know, you know. We then got an Uber to a 5 storey club called Karlovy Lazne, which is apparently the biggest music club in central Europe. It was pretty much what you would expect, each floor/ room had a different vibe or genre. It was fun! We got an Uber home as we were pretty shattered from travelling etc. 

Old Town Square

We woke up to our first full day with the sun beaming! We went to the city centre, where we strolled around for most of the morning and was able to see Prague in all it’s glory. It really is a beautiful city.

We stopped off at a café called Den Noc, which we had to queue to get into but was so worth the wait. We enjoyed some delicious crepes and hot chocolate. UNREAL.

We visited the Astronomical Clock!

We then found a cute little bar outside where we enjoyed a beer in the sun.

Trinity Bar & Cafe

This one beer in the sun, actually turned into us not moving until the evening, when the temperature had started to drop as the sun went down and they gave us little blankets. We were far too content to have to move. So we had a spot of dinner there, and decided to head back to the hotel.

Our hotel had a little spa in it too, so we spent an hour or 2 in the jacuzzi, accompanied with some prosecco and some beers which was soo nice. By this time it was quite late so we went back and got ready for the night.

We found Orange Bar on tripadvisor, which again did not disappoint. It was a little gem of a bar, where we indulged in some amazing cocktails and tapas.

After this, we headed to a club which was fun. The décor was soo cute and the rooftop views were great!


Our Uber driver stopped off at Mcdonalds which we ate in bed back in the hotel which was just divine.

On Monday, we embraced our inner tourists. We got ready and went out in the morning to get to Charles Bridge, which was central so not too far from us.

This was my favourite day I think, as we got to see some amazing sights. We walked over the bridge and all around the area- again, the weather was warm and sunny!

We stumbled across what I can only describe as the most instagrammable little restaurant ever.

It was soo pretty and we had the best Bailey’s hot chocolates I have ever had. 

Around this area was also the famous John Lennon wall, so we decided to take a look which was really cool!

We strolled around some more and went to a couple of little bar places (which by the way- all seem to have these GIANT pretzels on every table)

Dancing House

We then grabbed another Uber to a little Italian restaurant where we had the most delicious pizza and prosecco (another great tipadvisor find, might I add).

San Carlo, Pizza E Cucina Napoletana

We then took a stroll to the Escape Game that we had booked 😊Now if you know me, then you know I’ve got a thing about having do these wherever I can. This one was Alice in Wonderland themed and was soooo much fun! It was hard, but we made it out! 


We headed back to the hotel and had some drinks in the room as it was now evening/night time. By the time we actually ended up going out, it was about 11:30pm. We went to a secret/underground bar place which was just an experience in itself. It was very bizarre but we had such a good time. And what was even better is that there were dogs roaming around this place!!


After this we went to another bar which a lot of people seemed to be talking about, but as it was so late there weren’t that many people there! They gave out free popcorn so we were pretty happy.

James Dean

On Tuesday morning we headed home. I can honestly say that we didn’t stop laughing for the entire weekend. I loved Prague and everything about it, and I’m soo happy with how we managed to find such amazing places while we were there. Like I mentioned, we were also sooo lucky with the weather and I think that just topped off the great weekend that we had. I feel like we 100% made the most of the time that we were there, as we were able to see and experience so many different things!  

B xx 

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