Date Of Travel: 25th November- 4th December

Currency: US Dollar

Average Temperature: 31c

Time difference: 5 hours ahead of UK

The Maldives… Where do I even start? Going to the Maldives has been a dream of mine ever since I can remember, it was always the top of my bucket list of places I wanted to visit. So when myself and Tom actually booked it, I had tears in my eyes. It might sound dramatic but when you have dreamed of something for so long and then it finally comes to life, it’s just the best feeling. After we had booked, it was in the forefront of my mind in every mundane and cold day at work, so you can imagine my absolute excitement when the day arrived.

We flew from London Heathrow with Qatar Airways On Sunday 25th November. Our flight was around 10pm at night, with a stop off in Qatar on the way. Our flight from London had been delayed slightly, which left us barely any time to get to our next flight In Doha, so this meant that we had to sprint through the other side of Doha airport (which is huge) in order to catch our flight. Thankfully we made it! Both flights there were great as they were pretty empty flights both times. So we had a row to ourselves which actually meant that I could catch some sleep which is normally impossible for me to do whilst flying.

We arrived in Male, which is mainland Maldives and then were taken by boat to our island which took around 50 minutes.

The island we stayed on was called Meerufenfushi (Meeru for short). Most resorts in the Maldives will be the entire island, which was the case for Meeru Resort and Spa.

I don’t really know how to put into words how breathtakingly beautiful this island was. It was like no place I’ve ever seen with my own eyes. When we arrived off the boat, the sun was just beginning to set, and the staff of Meeru greeted us by playing the drums as a welcome to the island. We were checked in and given a complementary welcome drink. We were then shown to our room which was just unreal. The first 5 nights of our stay we were in the Jazcuzzi Beach Villa. These villas are situated literally on the beach, so when you step outside of your front door you are welcomed by sandy toes.

Jacuzzi Beach Villa

Speaking of sandy toes, the general fashion of the island is that you don’t wear any shoes for the entire time you are there. You don’t need to. I had heard this before I went but I still packed all my holiday shoes in my case. Well what a waste that was, they were right! The sand was so soft, and covers the entire island. Even the restaurants flooring is sand! It was really rare that you actually see anyone wearing shoes. It was so strange but actually such a great feeling being barefoot for the entire week- with the exception of flip flops every now and again. Apparently the staff like you to be bare footed, so that you are at one with the island!

We were treated to a complimentary treatment in the spa on the island, which was in a little bungalow over the water. The massage was so so good, and there was a glass window in the floor so that when you have your face down in the little bit where you put your head- you can see the sea.

 B L I S S.

 It rained for a few of the days that we were there. When I say it rained, it wasn’t just a little intermittent drizzle. No no… It was torrential. All day. But to be fair, you really can’t complain when even in the rain it looks like a dream. We would just sit on our little porch, having some drinks and listened to the sounds of the rain and the sea. There was always something to do, with the different choices of bars and activities that you could do for when the weather was wet. We even played chess for a bit while we were waiting for the rain to stop. We were also really pleased that we had the jacuzzi in our little garden bit, as it didn’t really matter if it was raining if we were in that!

Each night they had a buffet in the restaurant, where the food was really good and always had lots of variety. On the Friday night the resort held a Maldivian Night, where they served local cuisine and cocktails in coconuts. After dinner in the main entertainment area, they showed a documentary on the history of the Maldives which was interesting. This was followed some performances of the staff showing us traditional dances. This was such a fun night as they had all the guests up on our feet and encouraged everyone to come up at the front and dance with them.

We spent most of the days sipping on cocktails and enjoying the rays of sun and the sand between our toes. But we did rent out some snorkels and explored the waters around us which we loved, as there was so much to be seen. We also went out on the snorkelling trip where the resort organise boat rides out to the coral reefs and into the deep blue sea. That was great fun and we were able to see so many different fish!

Two HUGE sting rays!

We would often take strolls around and see what there was to explore on the island. We walked around the island a couple of times which only took around half an hour I’d say, which is just crazy. One thing I knew I wanted to do when we were there was to cycle around the island. This was sooo much fun! We stopped off at various points for cocktail breaks, and would park up our bikes when we found some hidden spots of the island that we hadn’t seen before.

For the last 2 nights we moved into the Jacuzzi Water Villas. The moment that we both stepped into the villa and out onto the balcony was something I’ll never forget. Just when we thought we had seen the beauty of the Maldives, this just blew us away. Our villa was literally in the middle of the sea which was insane to comprehend! After our excitement calmed down, we were gazing down into the water from our villa. There were 2 huge Sting Rays just below us, so we got in with them and swam so close which was just incredible to see such beautiful creatures so closely. It was very surreal to wake up to in the mornings, opening the curtains and seeing the clearest water we’d ever seen, glistening in the sunlight.  It was paradise. At night time, the bungalows shone a light on the water so that you can sit and watch the sealife. And this is exactly what we would do. We’d sit there, with our legs dangling over the side of the villa, just watching the sharks, stings rays and turtles swim past us. It was so magical.

Contrary to popular belief, we were in fact not alone on this island. There were a fair few people staying in the resort, who you would mainly see at meal times or by the pool etc. Other than that, there are so many corners of the island, that it’s likely that you won’t have many people surrounding you. And that’s one of the things I loved. Now I’m not a total recluse- but when you live in such a busy environment back at home, the feeling of being secluded in paradise with your loved one is nothing but a luxury.

We were full board, so as you probably know- this included breakfast lunch and dinner, and you can eat from either of they main restaurants. The island also had two a la carte restaurants, both of which we went to as well.The first was the Hot Rock Restaurant. This. Was. Divine. I had steak, and tom had a mixture of ostrich and some other obscure meats, and the are served to you raw, and then they bring you a hot slab where you cook the meat yourself at your table, so that you can cook it exactly how you like it. Oh this was just soo tasty. The other a la carte restaurant was the Asian Wok Restaurant. This was on the other side of the island to us, and was an over water restaurant. The atmosphere in this restaurant was amazing, We were sat by the edge, where they keep the sides of the hut open, so that we could look out to the sea whilst we at our delicious food. Both restaurants were well worth spending the money!

As we were leaving the island I literally wanted to cry, I had fallen deeply in love with Meeru and didn’t want our time to end! However we spotted some dolphins swimming beside our boat as we were leaving instantly, and we couldn’t believe it when we saw them happily jumping in and out of the sea.

Prior to this holiday, I had spent a fair amount of my time on Instagram daydreaming about those blue skies and crystal clear waters. I expected the island to be beautiful, but photos just do not do it justice. It was more amazing that I could ever have imagined.

B x

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